List of accepted teams to participate on the University Innovation Binational Node (NoBI-U), 2017 I-Corps program

Team numberProject name 
1Production of high-quality biodiesel

2Development of a material made from plastic and natural fibers derived from waste of the floriculture industry

3Wastewater treatment and carbon dioxide capture using microalgae and ozone flotation technique

4Development of a high-tech test for the rapid, sensitive and specific diagnosis of invasive Candidosis

5Production of iron oxide avoiding the formation of ferrous residues

6“Del campo al consumidor” (From the fields to the consumer): a technology to bring agricultural products directly to consumers

7Modular structures made with digital-manufacturing and thermal-projection techniques

8Craft Beer Industry MX 4.0

9Wire-arches folding system for lingual orthodontics in three planes of space (Verdoppler-bot)
10Capsaicinoids enzymatic production

11Training, update and innovation of teaching practice

12Polysomnographic system for detection of falling-asleep cargo drivers

13Bone structure substitute

143D printing of food

15Software distribution Platform for Clinical Therapies

16LINMEV – Micropropagation of vegetable species

17Intelligent system for processing real-time information flows (ISP)

18Fire-retardant nano-compound made from polyester resin and fiberglass

19Interactive computation system for hydrocarbons simulation

20ChaRMBot: texts analysis through machine learning

21Enzymatic degradation of PET

22Clean and sustainable energy generating systems

23Robotics development of space exploration and autonomous navigation