The call to form teams was launched with the participation of:

  • A leading researcher.
  • An entrepreneurial student (entrepreneurial leader).
  • A business mentor.

To present projects whose impact is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, or 2030 Agenda, to enter the cycle 2018-2019 of the Binational Node of University Innovation, NoBi U. The teams should be formed using the Innovation Corps methodology (I-Corps) to identify and validate the relevance of its technological proposal for the resolution of problems in the industrial sector and in society in general to design and mature strategies towards science-based entrepreneurship and technology transfer, which will bring the benefits of scientific and technological work to society.

The teams selected for the 2018-2019 cohort of NoBi Universitario are committed to attending the attendance sessions in the conditions and schedules stipulated.

Out of a total of 61 applications received, 25 teams were selected to participate in the 2018-2019 Cohort, in which the teams have the possibility to carry out their business ideas and proposals and under the guidance and teaching of the instructors selected by CONACYT and the National Science Foundation, carrying out field activities and see if their proposals are viable for the coordination of their technologies. During the Cohort, the teams can decide whether to continue or not, to continue with the process of marketing their technology.

The teams that decide not to continue undergo a process of realignment of their technology towards applications with commercial potential.

Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, or 2030 Agenda.

The University NoBi uses the Sustainable Development Goals, or Agenda 2030, of the United Nations as a framework for its 2018-2019 cycle.