TOCO, made up of an entrepreneurial team from UNAM, participated in the 2015 I-Corps Mexico pilot program.

They took part in the I-Corps program with a technology consisting of a portable corneal topographer. This device measures the anterior corneal surface, i.e., it is a technology which improves the measurements of distorted corneas. This technological improvement is not only more efficient, but it is cheaper than the currently existing methods and devices.

During its participation in the I-Corps program, and after 100 interviews with potential customers, the research leader and his team were able to identify the market segment. This included mainly the optometrists specialized on rigid contact lenses adaptation. This direct customer encounter helped the team evaluate the project commercial viability.

After their participation, they decided to build an enterprise, which is currently working on the components validation to make the images processing more efficient and semi-automatically.


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El empresario.